SMJ1035: RUBBER BODY MOUNT SPACER L (6x14x1.0mm/8pcs)

Part #: SMJ1035

RUBBER BODY MOUNT SPACER L (6x14x1.0mm/8pcs)


These are rubber body mount spacers suited for 6mm-thick body posts for common touring or many other cars. With these spacers you can fine-tune the body height and keep your car from rattling. They come in three different outer diameters so that you can find a spacer best suited to the shape of your body shell. Eight pieces are included for each size

Size: 6mm (inner diameter) x 14mm (outer diameter) x 1mm (thickness)

Made in Japan

Part#: SMJ1035
Product Name: RUBBER BODY MOUNT SPACER L (6x14x1.0mm/8pcs)
EAN#: 4573350801338

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