SMJ Kabuto R21 Model ’18 ENGINE (Pre-broken in)


Part #: SMJ1126

SMJ Kabuto R21 Model ’18 ENGINE (Pre-broken in)

Based on O.S. R2103 with SMJ original printed on cylinder head. The engine is aimed for 2018 worlds’ title and lead many drivers to top rank. The Kabuto R21 has evolutionarily advanced as “Model ’18” reviewing cylinder liner, crank shaft and main bearing to use steel material. At slow to middle range, torque performance have improved eventually. DLC coating, embedded tungsten-weight on crank shaft and potted-tuning performed. No change the fuel efficiency from former model. All are designed for perfect performance at high grip surface especially. Collaboration with Yurugix, Pre-broken in engine. After built on the chassis, the best performance than can feel at very short adjustment.。

Content: 3.49cc/
Bore: 16.08mm/0.633in
Stroke: 17.2mm/0.677in
HP: 4,000~45,000r.p.m.
Practical range: 2.8ps/33,000r.p.m. (2.76hp/33,000r.p.m.)
Weight: 340g/11.99oz.

Made in Japan.

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Part#: SMJ1126
Product Name: SMJ Kabuto R21 Model ’18 ENGINE (Pre-broken in)
Manufacturer: SMJ
EAN#: 4573350801796