SMJ1202: STEALTH LINE SPRING TS2.9 (Short/2pcs)

Part #: SMJ1202


The Stealth Line Series has been added to the SMJ spring range!

The SMJ Silver Line Spring has been a longtime best seller since its release in 2015. Now we have released the new SMJ Stealth Line Spring Series. Through testing and development of the specifications and a change in the surface treatment, the Stealth Line springs provide a less rigid feel than the conventional Silver Line springs and offer excellent traction and corner speed.
The Stealth Line springs are suitable for all “short-type” shocks with the total length of 20mm. Wire diameter: 1.4mm. Made in Japan


Made in Japan

Part #: SMJ1202
Product Name: STEALTH LINE SPRING TS2.9 (Short/2pcs)
Colors: Black
EAN#: 4573350801390

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